Future plans

  • A construction start date for the KBP/US 93 Intersection segment has not been determined.
  • A construction start date for the KBP/Airport Road Interchange segment has not been determined.

Planned for 2024

  • Design for the KBP/US 93 Intersection and KBP/Airport Road Interchange continues.
  • An Open House for the KBP/US 93 Intersection design will occur.
  • An Open House for the KBP/Airport Road Interchange design will occur.

Summary Of Past Activity


  • Kalispell Bypass/Airport Road design in progress.
  • Kalispell Bypass/US 93 design in progress.


  • Foys Lake Road Interchange completed.
  • Kalispell Bypass/US 93 Design Study completed.
    • Public feedback gathered on area challenges to inform design.
  • Kalispell Bypass/Airport Road Interchange design selected.


  • Foys Lake Road Interchange construction begins.
  • Intersection Selection Study completed; KBP/US 93 Intersection Study needs identified.


  • Foys Lake Road Interchange design selected and finalized.
  • Intersection Selection Study initiated for Airport Road and Basecamp Drive roundabouts.


  • The City of Kalispell, in partnership with MDT, receives a federal discretionary grant for $12.75 million under the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) program for the KBP/Foys Lake Road Interchange.


  • Construction is completed on the north end of the Kalispell Bypass.
  • Ribbon cutting ceremony marking the opening of the eight-mile multi-lane Kalispell Bypass from US 93 south of Kalispell reconnecting with US 93 north of Kalispell.


  • Right of way (ROW) acquisition completed.
  • Remainder of Bypass, from US Highway 2 (US 2) to Old Reserve Drive, went into construction began in the fall of 2015.


  • Three Mile Drive reconstruction was completed in the fall of 2014 with a new bridge over the KBP.
  • Design was completed for the Bypass between US 2 and Reserve Loop (renamed Old Reserve Drive). Design was completed for the Four Mile Drive connection.
  • ROW acquisition continues.


  • The Reserve Loop to US 93 segment was completed in the fall of 2013 with a four-lane configuration and separated shared-use path along the Bypass and Old Reserve Drive.
  • ROW acquisition continues.
  • The final design of the Three Mile Drive segment is completed.
  • The City of Kalispell identified future urban funding to connect Four Mile Drive west of Kidsports to Stillwater Road.


  • Hutton Ranch Road Extension was completed in the fall of 2012, providing a two-lane roadway with a roundabout into the Flathead Valley Community College property. Two new traffic signals were installed on West Reserve Drive and on Hutton Ranch Road.
  • Final design of the Reserve Loop to US 93 segment completed.


  • MDT continued final right-of-way acquisition and design of the north segment of the KBP.


  • US 2 South interim construction was completed in the fall of 2010. The interim two-lane Bypass between US 93 and US 2, near Appleway Drive, built two-lanes of the future four-lane configuration. Interim at-grade access at the future Siderius Commons, Airport Road and Foys Lake Road intersections is provided through roundabouts. Traffic signals were installed at the US 93 and US 2 intersections. A new shared-use path was built along the length of the Bypass and connects south to the existing US 93 shared-use path leading to Somers.
  • Final design of Hutton Ranch Road Extension project is completed.


  • Project design is completed for the Bypass section south of US 2. This portion of the Bypass is split into multiple construction segments.
  • ROW acquisition continues.


  • Project design is changed to allow staged construction using "interim" projects. Interim projects built a two-lane highway (half of the final four-lane configuration) with at-grade access (roundabouts at Airport Road and Foys Lake Road) to match initial project segments with available funding.
  • Neighborhood meetings were held for noise mitigation discussions.
  • "Reserve Loop and South Segment set as first construction efforts." The Kalispell City Council, Flathead County Commission, and MDT recommended Bypass construction begin with the Reserve Loop and the south segment (US 2 South). (MDT Press Release)


  • The Reserve Loop project constructed just over one mile of new four-lane roadway at the north end of the Bypass. The project included the area's first modern roundabout at Stillwater Road.
  • ROW design moves to active acquisition.

2005 - 2006

  • Environmental impacts were disclosed at the August 2005 public meeting with no new significant environmental issues raised. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Re-Evaluation process is completed with signature of the Re-Evaluation of the Environmental Document.
  • Public meetings were held in May and July of 2006 to discuss the project phasing. MDT selected the first segment for construction in September 2006, based upon community and agency comments and recommendations. (MDT Press Release)


  • Kalispell Bypass kickoff meeting in June to familiarize community with project.
  • Kalispell Bypass public scoping meeting in August to identify potential issues.


  • MDT and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approve right-of-way plans for the Kalispell Bypass based upon the Corridor Preservation plans.


  • MDT identifies six of the projects covered in the FEIS to begin design work.

1992 – 1994

  • US 93, Somers to West of Whitefish Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) considers alternatives for US 93. The EIS combined several ongoing and planned projects from Somers to Whitefish, including the Kalispell Bypass. An Advisory Committee is established to guide the process.


  • FEIS recommends western bypass around Kalispell as preferred alternative.
  • Record of Decision (ROD) on US 93, Somers to West of Whitefish Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) approved in November.
  • Alternative B (West Kalispell Bypass) is included in ROD as the preferred alternative.


  • The Kalispell Transportation Plan and Bypass Feasibility Study issued in October recommends westside bypass around Kalispell.