The Engineering Applications & Resources Library provides access to a variety of publications with filtering and search capabilities. Publications include inter and intra-disciplinary process and procedure documentation as well as application environment installation, start up, user and support guides.

Every reasonable effort is made to maintain material using current standards. It is the responsibility of the user to apply current standards where the material becomes outdated. These publications may not cover all Engineering and Design workflow requirements at MDT. Publications are subject to change with or without notice.


This page contains the information formerly titled as CADD Info / CADD Memos and Guides.

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Topic Title/Subject Released Date Revised Date
Start Up Handling Rasters with PCMS 01/01/2013 01/04/22
Tip Navigate Between Excel Worksheets 10/22/2019
Procedure GEOPAK Corehole Command Reference 01/28/2010
Procedure Placing Bore Logs in Plans with GEOPAK 12/05/2011 10/02/2019
Procedure Creating New OpenRoads Signing Files 04/12/2017
Procedure Common Bridge Details & Notes Guide 05/01/2017
Support Update Quantity Manager Forms 09/20/2019
Support Troubleshooting 09/10/2012 11/24/2021
Support CADD Macro DGN Issues 03/28/2013
Procedure Wetlands Delineation | Video 07/15/2019 11/23/2020
Tip Legacy to Enhanced File Conversion 06/10/2019 11/23/2020
Tip Update MicroStation Levels 07/15/2020
Procedure Construction Redline Edits for As-Built Plans 07/23/2021 02/14/2022
Procedure Electronic Edits for As-Built Plans 07/23/2021 02/14/2022
Procedure Environmental Data Export Manual 11/01/2017
Procedure Environmental Field Inventory Manual 11/01/2017
Procedure R/W Master Exhibits 04/03/2019
Procedure Placing Proposed R/W with Civil Tools 08/13/2018
Procedure R/W Area File 04/03/2019
Procedure R/W Baseline in OpenRoads 08/01/2018
Procedure R/W Labeler 04/03/2019
Procedure MicroStation Electrical Detail Sheets 08/30/2021
Start Up R/W Design Seed Files for Enhanced Projects 04/27/2018
Tip Horizontal Geometry for Linear Templates (video) 08/30/2021
Tip Editing R/W Files Converted to True Type Font 05/23/2018
Support Data Format Selection 08/30/2021
Support Importing GPK or ALG Horizontal/Vertical Alignment with Civil Rules 08/30/2021
Support MDT Maps - WMS Image Display 10/01/2021 02/15/2022
Support Cross Section Ground Line Transparency - Grey Scaling 10/01/2021
Procedure Creating and Annotating Cross Sections 10/01/2021
Installation Legacy Workspace Offsite Setup 06/08/2021
Installation MDT OR Consultant Design File Management 07/02/2020
Installation MDT OR Consultant Workspace Installation Instructions 09/19/2019 01/25/2021
Installation MDT OR Consultant Workspace Overview Video 1 07/23/2019
Installation MDT OR Consultant Workspace Overview Video 2 07/23/2019
Installation MDT OR Consultant Workspace Update Instructions 03/13/2020 07/02/2020
Installation/Support GuideSIGN User Manual 02/05/2020
Procedure Geopak Criteria User Manual 02/19/2015
Procedure TBC export format for MDTSURVEY_ENG 05/03/2019
Procedure TBC, Trimble Access, and Feature Codes 08/08/2019
Procedure Trimble Access 2018 – Measuring Points 04/01/2019
Reference Feature Code Reference Sheet (MDTSURVEY_ENG) 05/03/2019 08/12/2022
Reference Feature Code Summary (MDTSurvey) 05/24/2022 08/12/2022
Reference MDT Cadastral Feature Codes V01 Reference Sheet 05/13/2014
Start Up Star*Dini Conversion Utility Manual 04/22/2005
Start Up Star*Net V6 Standard & Plus Manual 11/01/2004
Start Up Star*Net-Lev V6 Manual 08/01/2002
Start Up Trimble Access 2018 Trimble R8S 03/01/2019
Start Up Trimble Access 2018 Trimble S5 03/01/2019
Procedure Quantity Manager Procedures 09/23/2019 01/25/2021
Start Up MDT Construction Survey MicroStation/Geopak Survey Startup User Help Guide 07/31/2017
Start Up Using Docuplot to Create PDF Plan Sets 08/29/2008 08/14/2009
Start Up Docuplot Documentation and Users Manual 06/25/2004
Start Up MDT Docuplot Half-Size Plan PDF Creation Instructions 06/18/2008
Start Up MDT Docuplot 8 1/2x11 Pavement Preservation Plan PDF Creation Instructions 07/30/2008
Start Up MDT Docuplot PDF Creation Instructions 06/18/2008
Start Up Plotting Traffic Sign Design Calculation Sheets with Docuplot 01/14/2011
Start Up Privileged DocuPlot Users Viewing Contract Plans Books 05/02/2002
Start Up Preconstruction Startup User Guide 02/12/2020
Start Up Manage ROW Parcel Documents User's Manual 04/14/2017
Start Up Access ROW Parcel Documents User's Manual 04/14/2017
Start Up Cross Referencing PCMS Project Directories 10/12/2007 12/01/2021
Start Up Project Content Management System (PCMS) Document Naming Standards 10/08/2007 12/01/2021
Start Up Enhanced Workspace Overview 11/24/2021
Start Up Enhanced Workspace Macro Overview 11/24/2021
Start Up Enhanced File Types and Referencing Relationships 11/24/2021
Tip Overcoming DTM Voids with OpenRoads (video) 11/24/2021
Start Up/Procedure MDT Autodesk Guidance/Autodesk 07/09/2020
Start Up Trimble Access Base Course/Topo Survey 03/13/2019
Procedure TSC7 Job Setup (Best Practice)/Topo Survey 05/01/2021
Procedure Setting Up Job Files/Topo Survey 05/01/2021
Procedure Export Corridor Lines from MicroStation into TBC/Grade Checks & Staking 11/01/2021
Procedure Exporting Corridors as .crd Files/Grade Checks & Staking 05/01/2021
Tip Update MDT Logo with Batch Process 01/26/2022
Support As-Built PCMS File Upload Issues 02/14/2022
Procedure Hydraulic Detail Sheets 02/22/2022
Support Striping Line Styles 05/10/2022
Start Up ACC - Autodesk Docs (BIM 360) - User Guide 09/09/2022
Start Up ACC - Autodesk Docs (BIM 360) Design Project Manager - Project Setup Guide 09/09/2022
Start Up ACC - Autodesk Docs (BIM 360) - Design File Naming Standards 09/09/2022
Start Up ServiceNow CADD Requests - Support and Enhancements 09/09/2022
Start Up Autodesk Desktop Connector - Start Up Guide 05/20/2022
Start Up MDT State Kit Updater - Users Guide 05/20/2022
Start Up MDT State Kit Updater - Operational Guide 05/20/2022
Start Up AutoCAD/Civil 3D - Quick Start Guide 05/20/2022
Start Up MDT State Kit - Survey Tools 05/20/2022
Start Up MDT Civil 3D State Kit Overview - R2022 05/20/2022
Support "Missing" Subassemblies - Troubleshooting 09/12/2022

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