Montana Department of Transportation

Malcolm “Mack” Long, Director


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Right of Way Consultant's Forms

Acquisition, Appraisal, Design, and Relocation

Forms are listed by form number.

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Category Form Number Description
Acquisition Realty Transfer Certificate
Acquisition MDT-ROW-200 Right-of-Way Agreement
Acquisition MDT-ROW-200 MDT-ROW-200 Clauses & Index
Acquisition MDT-ROW-201 Written Offer and Summary Statement of Amount Established as just Compensation
Acquisition MDT-ROW-201S Written Offer for Sign Parcels
Acquisition MDT-ROW-203 Tax Reimbursement for Taxes Paid
Acquisition MDT-ROW-208 Parcel Acquisition History
Acquisition MDT-ROW-209 Acquisition Package Submittal Form
Acquisition MDT-ROW-210 Acquisition Packet Review
Acquisition MDT-ROW-211 Donation – Waiver of Compensation
Acquisition MDT-ROW-212 Agreement and Grant of Possession
Acquisition MDT-ROW-213 Preliminary Condemnation Report
Acquisition MDT-ROW-215 Agreement & Grant of Possession (for Design Build Projects)
Acquisition MDT-ROW-216 Abstract of Agreement and Grant of Possession
Acquisition MDT-ROW-217 Corporate Resolution
Acquisition MDT-ROW-218 Affidavit of Trustee, Partnership or LLC Authority
Acquisition MDT-ROW-219 Disclaimer of Interest in Tenant-Owned Improvements
Acquisition MDT-ROW-221 Release of Abstract of Agreement & Grant of Possession
Acquisition MDT-ROW-222 Partial Release of Mortgage
Acquisition MDT-ROW-223 Authorization to Sign Partial Reconveyance of Trust Indenture
Acquisition MDT-ROW-224 Partial Reconveyance of Trust Indenture
Acquisition MDT-ROW-225 Materials Site Agreement/Construction Borrow
Acquisition MDT-ROW-226 Letter to Beneficiary requesting Partial Mortgage, Release or Authorization to Sign Partial, Reconveyance of Trust Indenture
Acquisition MDT-ROW-227 Affidavit Relative to Multiple Names
Acquisition MDT-ROW-228 Option to Purchase
Acquisition MDT-ROW-229 Agreement to Sell and Purchase Real Estate
Acquisition MDT-ROW-230 Letter/Introductory letter to arrange meeting with Landowner
Acquisition MDT-ROW-234 Letter/Introductory letter to landowner concerning access control by police power
Acquisition MDT-ROW-235 Letter/Follow-up letter to landowner concerning access control by police power
Acquisition MDT-ROW-237 Grant of Possession (of Leasehold Interest)
Acquisition MDT-ROW-244 Administrative Settlement Authority – Acquisition Manager
Acquisition MDT-ROW-245 Administrative Settlement Authority – Acquisition Supervisor
Acquisition MDT-ROW-246 Administrative Settlement Authority – Acquisition Agent
Acquisition MDT-ROW-252 Waiver of Right of Option to Re-Purchase Real Property
Acquisition MDT-ROW-253 Child Support/Alimony Affidavit
Acquisition MDT-ROW-254 Statement of Acknowledgment (Termination of Joint Tenancy)
Acquisition MDT-ROW-262 Release
Acquisition MDT-ROW-263 Mutual Release
Acquisition MDT-ROW-273 Irrigation Agreement
Acquisition MDT-ROW-275 Right-of-Entry for Construction Purposes – Pending Clearance of Mortgages, Liens, etc..
Acquisition MDT-ROW-276 Agreement and Grant of Right-of-Entry
(Acquisition Manager must approve the use of this form before it is used)
Acquisition MDT-ROW-279 Affidavit of Completion
Acquisition MDT-ROW-284 Agreement – Construction of Sidewalks, Excavation, and Backfilling
Acquisition MDT-ROW-295 Access Control Only Parcels
Acquisition MDT-ROW-296 Letter to Landowner specifying guidelines for MDT to pay for a third-party appraisal
Acquisition MDT-ROW-297 Appraisal Revision by R/W Supervisor or Acquisition Manager
Acquisition MDT-ROW-299 Report of Administrative Determination
Acquisition W-9 W9 (Adobe Fillable Form)
Appraisal MDT-ROW-406 Review Appraiser Assumptions & Limiting Conditions for Sales Catalog
Appraisal MDT-ROW-407 Contractors Estimate Worksheet
Appraisal MDT-ROW-408 Review Report of Market Value Appraisal
Appraisal MDT-ROW-409 Determination of Just Compensation
Appraisal MDT-ROW-412 Letter/Landowner Accompany to View
Appraisal MDT-ROW-413 Form/Landowner Response to View
Appraisal MDT-ROW-414 Waiver Valuation-Landowner Approval Letter
Appraisal MDT-ROW-420 Scope of Work-General Appraisal Specifications
Appraisal MDT-ROW-421 Request for Appraisal Services Proposal
Appraisal MDT-ROW-422 Appraisal Fee Estimate
Appraisal MDT-ROW-423 R/W Appraisal Services Agreement
Appraisal MDT-ROW-424 R/W Appraisal Services Agreement - Review
Appraisal MDT-ROW-425 Contract Supplement, Right of Way Appraisal Services Agreement
Appraisal MDT-ROW-426 Fee Appraiser Contract Payment Tracking Sheet
Appraisal MDT-ROW-452 Market Value Appraisal Report
Appraisal MDT-ROW-455 R/W Appraisal Report
Appraisal MDT-ROW-458 Appraisal Report Update
Appraisal MDT-ROW-460 Assumptions and Limiting Conditions
Appraisal MDT-ROW-461 Certification of Appraiser (R/W)
Appraisal MDT-ROW-462 Photo Sheet
Appraisal MDT-ROW-463 Residential Data Sheet
Appraisal MDT-ROW-464 Comparable Lease Data Form
Appraisal MDT-ROW-465 Comparable Sale Data Form
Appraisal MDT-ROW-465L Comparable Listing Data Form
Appraisal MDT-ROW-466 Contractor’s Estimate Form
Appraisal MDT-ROW-467 Appraisal History
Appraisal MDT-ROW-469 Appraisal Report Checklist
Appraisal MDT-ROW-470 Wavier Valuation
Appraisal MDT-ROW-480 Sign Site Data and Evaluation
Appraisal MDT-ROW-481 Sign Appraisal Form
Appraisal MDT-ROW-496 Salvage Appraisal Request
Appraisal MDT-ROW-497 Fee Appraiser Request
Design MDT-ROW-501 Bluesheet Revision
Design MDT-ROW-505 Route Description
Design MDT-ROW-507 Checklist for Final Plans
Design MDT-ROW-508 Exhibit Checklist
Relocation MDT-ROW-350 Application for Relocation Assistance Payment
Relocation MDT-ROW-351 Relocation Assistance Status Report
Relocation MDT-ROW-352 Letter 90-day Notice to Vacate from Date of Letter
Relocation MDT-ROW-353 Moving Expenses for Individual or Family
Relocation MDT-ROW-354 Increased Mortgage Interest Differential
Relocation MDT-ROW-355 Decent, Safe and Sanitary Requirements
Relocation MDT-ROW-356 Application for Supplemental Housing Payment for Relocatee in Condemnation
Relocation MDT-ROW-359 Comparable Replacement Housing Summary
Relocation MDT-ROW-360 Parcel Information
Relocation MDT-ROW-361 Appeal Request
Relocation MDT-ROW-362 Request for Release of Relocation Assistance Information
Relocation MDT-ROW-363 Relocation Payment Summary
Relocation MDT-ROW-364 Payment in Lieu of Actual Moving Expenses
Relocation MDT-ROW-365 Letter 30-Day Notice to Vacate
Relocation MDT-ROW-366 Organization Moving Expense Business (Farm/Ranch, Non-Profit)
Relocation MDT-ROW-367 Moving Expenses for Mobile Homes
Relocation MDT-ROW-368 Requesting Relocation Assistance
Relocation MDT-ROW-369 Direct Loss of Tangible Personal Property (Business, Farm/Ran, Non-Profit)
Relocation MDT-ROW-370 Letter of Eligibility to Owner Occupant of 90-days or More
Relocation MDT-ROW-371 Letter of Eligibility to Tenant for Supplemental Rent Payments
Relocation MDT-ROW-373 Expenses to Search for Replacement Site Business (Farm/Ranch, Non-Profit)
Relocation MDT-ROW-374 Letter of Eligibility to Tenant Occupant of 90-days or More
Relocation MDT-ROW-378 Mobile Homes - Supplemental PMT for Tenants of 90-days or More
Relocation MDT-ROW-379 Mobile Homes - Supplemental PMT for Tenants of 90-days Owners
Relocation MDT-ROW-381 Letter General Notice
Relocation MDT-ROW-383 Business/Farm/Ranch/Non-Profit Eligibility Letter
Relocation MDT-ROW-384 Supplemental Housing PMT Tenant-Occupant for not Less than 90-days
Relocation MDT-ROW-385 Relocation Study
Relocation MDT-ROW-386 Supplemental Housing PMT Owner-Occupant Less than 180-days/more than 90-days
Relocation MDT-ROW-387 Letter to Landowner – Protective Rents
Relocation MDT-ROW-388 Supplemental Housing PMT Owner-Occupant 180-days or More
Relocation MDT-ROW-397 Parcel Relocation History
Relocation MDT-ROW-399 Memo-Transmittal of Relocation Documents for Review and Action